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Why Choose Cremation?

Published: May 4, 2019

Cremations are an option that many families are choosing these days. At Donovan Bagnoli Funeral Home we’re proud to have been offering on-site cremations for 7 years now to our families and the community. In this blog post we’ll be outlining some reasons why families are moving towards cremations and give you the resources to make well informed decisions.


Why Choose Cremation?

  • Affordability – Cremations are more affordable for many families since it reduces the costs typically associated with burials such as a casket, embalming, funeral car, etc. Cremation services can range in price, but typically when choosing a simple cremation, you can expect to pay around $1600 in the area. By choosing to cremate at Donovan Bagnoli Funeral Home though you can expect to pay less than $1300 for a direct cremation!
  • Location – With many families spread across the country or even the world these days, cremations are a necessity. Cremations can take place and have the cremains shipped around the world letting families be able to bury or hold onto their loved one in a place much closer to where they are now. It can be hard knowing that someone you love is buried in a place so far from you; cremations allow you the ability to never experience that heartache.
  • Preference – Whether it’s wanting to be environmentally friendly or you dislike the idea of being buried, many people just want to be cremated. For some people, though, this was a conflicted preference within their church. Over time we have seen more religious institutions recognize cremations, much to the relief of many people across the country.
  • Combined Burials – For some, being buried without your partner is too sad of an end. We have worked with many families who have chosen cremation only because they wanted to be buried together. Should it be one partner or the other, whomever has passed first would be cremated and then be buried either in the casket or with the cremains of the surviving partner later. A truly beautiful finality for everyone involved.
  • Tradition – In some cultures and religions, cremation may be what has traditionally been done. Some families just have historically been cremated. In order to respect some family’s traditions, we have performed special cremation ceremonies that required a more cultural service. If you aren’t sure what your family has traditionally done, open a dialogue with them to learn about how they view cremation and if it is something they expect in the future.


Cremations are an ever-growing percentage of people in the country and at Donovan Bagnoli Funeral Home we will be sure to cater to your individual cremation needs.

If you have any further questions or would like more information, please contact us at (330)-633-3350 or visit or cremation page on our website here.

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